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Bicity is the first crypto platform that allows users to easily creat an content order.

How to BUY BiCity

Register to Bicity app. If you not registered yet , please click HERE to register

Login to the website and click Buy Token Now

Choose the currency which you want to pay with

Enter Amount of contribute and click Make Payment

Choose Pay with CoinPayments, click Buy Token Now and finish the process.

For more details please CLICK HERE watch the video. 

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Share the Bicity Launchpad ICO referral link with your friends via private messages or as posts in social media, videos or articles. We will give %100 Bicity reward for each investment you recommended and your friend get %5 FLDB bonus.

You can withdraw your earned commissions in BNB immediately. For details, please contact [email protected]




Discover premium offerings across all price ranges. Hourly fees are absent, with costs determined solely by project requirements.


Find the right AI and start working on your project in minutes.


Be constantly aware of the predetermined cost. Your payment won't be processed until you endorse the task.

frequently asked questions


What is Bicity ?
The purpose of this project is to develop an innovative artificial intelligence-driven solution for automated text and article generation. Our primary objective is to create a sophisticated AI model capable of producing high-quality written content in a manner that closely resembles human language and style.
What is Project Goals ?
The primary goal of this project is to develop a cutting-edge artificial intelligence system capable of automated text and article generation. We aim to revolutionize the content creation process by providing users with a powerful tool that produces high-quality written content with human-like language and style.
Can i invest Bicity ?
Yes, you can invest in Bicity the core of the Bicity platform. Please visit
Is Bicity Legal and Regulated ?
Yes, according to EU laws and regulations, we are a fully regulated limited company.
How can i join Bicity Team ?
Currently, we are looking for Bicity ambassadors and team members based on our career section. Please send an email to [email protected]
Where can i buy Bicity ?
Bicity can be purchased on the Launchpad website during the Bicity Launchpad ICO. Due to its security and liquidity, we strongly recommend using the Launchpad website as an investment medium.
Is Bicity Mineable ?
No, Bicity is pre-mined and distributed according to our white paper. You cannot mine Bicity.
What is Bicity Affiliate Program ?
The Bicity affiliate program is a recommendation-based activity conducted during the Bicity Launchpad ICO. During this event, you can generate your reference link, share it with your friends, and earn 100% of FLDB invested by every person you refer. And your reference earn %5 bonus.
How can i earn with the Bicity Affiliate Program ?
You need to register on the Bicity Launchpad ICO website and generate your unique reference link in the affiliate section. All you need to do is send your unique citation link via private message and post it in your social media, video or community article. We will reward each of your investors from your recommendation.
How can i advertise Bicity Launchpad ICO ?
You can promote Bicity Launchpad ICO through white hat marketing solutions. Accept all content related to friend recommendations, articles, YouTube videos, direct messages, or post sharing. We do not accept illegal marketing activities such as offensive email spam or false news sharing.
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