In the dynamic world of blockchain and cryptocurrency, the concept of token locking has become crucial for the security and stability of projects. As we approach the milestone of April 2025, where numerous tokens will remain locked, it is essential to understand how token locking mechanisms benefit teams, investors, and the presale process. Notably, 2 billion BICITY tokens will remain locked until April 2025, and to ensure transparency, we are sharing the addresses where these tokens can be tracked.

Team Members (Unlocked April, 2025)

Team 1 200,000,000 BICITY 0xB86445ae49CE49f50b02639796Ef6926004a9a0b
Team 2 100,000,000 BICITY 0xedB6F2152c90c47e3A044E771704D548b027a203
Team 3 100,000,000 BICITY 0x1E1a6B2647c92c434019fb43b4Ca036B357f3e4B
Team 4 100,000,000 BICITY 0x0289927e86e3dbeed833fC2c7Bbb6161617D2682
Team 5 100,000,000 BICITY 0x71270bE88D6DEcCE0AA4C445513A02c230c7c198
Team 6 100,000,000 BICITY 0x7462E66858A0fAC2380ccf177D56F163062CaA07
Team 7 100,000,000 BICITY 0xd7568C723D03115d859B8563409AFBB4C917D746

Investors (Unlocked April, 2025)

Investor 1 200,000,000 BICITY 0x356B120092f98DFf3AAe556193d951d40985A61e
Investor 2 200,000,000 BICITY 0xa6B7Baa51b595d2225f3fbF2A5307dE5Ba58C6D4
Investor 3 200,000,000 BICITY 0x4bA9afbE1C581B399d8FC779eCdf62Bc65A2f991

Presale Investors (Unlocked April, 2025)

Presale 1 50,000,000 BICITY 0x1070aB0df187f93A7Ce3CAf5233DBeB44F31B93D
Presale 2 50,000,000 BICITY 0x9146a07775EE673DCD7E9d7B41450B301fED4e61
Presale 3 50,000,000 BICITY 0x6FC5ab4a427F37c308070Eb6ae7Babaec5a46B9D
Presale 4 25,000,000 BICITY 0x1e3CEDDFa97dd7E543844ecD6F627A767e3C7FD6
Presale 5 25,000,000 BICITY 0xFb0d01BEc82A7ccbAFa2BFcEd7721eC3e30Ff917
Presale 6 25,000,000 BICITY 0x1333414Fb9Cfc6ab7aA379bce5737078bBc57b87
Presale 7 25,000,000 BICITY 0x6D11B548017E4b698e02764790846e638dea4903
Presale 8 100,000,000 BICITY 0xB5Ba0e32f28E1c4Ca60e876717655E1FbD824eB3
Presale 9 100,000,000 BICITY 0xeF4F6bFBe07b798ebcE99F084D3382C0c34Dce96
Presale 10 100,000,000 BICITY 0x0cf002C7618140fC55D989c3dB632499A7dDDFb4
Presale 11 25,000,000 BICITY 0xa7008399d52FEBF518A7788A7793299Ec5Ec5bBa
Presale 12 5,000,000 BICITY 0x55d50ccF9957230B9C4ea2bFC2F47780209308c5
Presale 13 20,000,000 BICITY 0x7d90dB57A8cF8eB1931268D05C2aaF534b742509
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